Exclusive Sports Performance

Jason Ford Sr. Owner/Operator

Associate Scout w/Tampa Bay Rays

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Exclusive Sports Performance

Exclusive Sports Performance owner Jason Ford Sr. is an Associate Scout with the Tampa Bay Rays and provides individual and team baseball hitting instruction, as well as evaluating high school and collegiate professional baseball prospects.  He also conducts prospect showcases and a youth baseball academy for further evaluation and training for prospective baseball players. Exclusive Sports Performance also offers a speed and agility program designed to increase explosion, linear speed, multi-directional quickness, stamina, strength, balance and flexibility.  We aim to teach the fundamentals needed to increase the capability of athletes to be more skillful at faster speeds and with greater precision.  The program utilizes the tuck drill and plyometric jump drills to increase explosion, the dot drill & ladder drills to increase footwork and agility, as well as a variety of sprints to increase stamina and speed.  Exclusive also provides student-athletes with exposure to collegiate athletics through show cases and sport specific camps.  Our staff has over eight years of experiences in these areas.

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